Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Another Futile Attempt at Blogging

Why is this so damned addictive? I know I used one of my blogs yesterday to jot down some drivel and since there are so many other things I should be working on, why am I doing this instead? Good question. It's like the Mount Everest thing for climbers I guess - in a much smaller way, or on a much smaller scale I guess I should say - you know the old saw, climbers were always asked why they were so keen to climb that big old mountain and they'd always look befuddled as if the questioner was crazy to have asked, as if everyone should know the answer, "because it's there!" was the stock answer. I guess it's the same with blogging, or the lure of the blog - at least for some of us. I mean, unless you have a definite reason to be blogging - like promoting a book, or, if you're travelling and you're trying to keep people updated about your travels, or say, in the case of Julie and "The Rumer Mill" (probably the best name for a Blog I've heard yet incidentally) - she's determined that the grandparents - Rumers and her Dad and I, not miss out on anything that's happening with Jack while she and Jason are in Denver and other points south. Those are all good reasons for blogging. Almost everything else seems pretty self-indulgent. Maybe that's partly what appeals to me. Oh dear.

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