Saturday, January 2, 2010


Yeah, well - if anyone had told me yesterday at this time, or even say, earlier today, that by this time today, I would be flat out Twittering or "Twitter" - I would most likely have told them to go stick their head through their flat-screen TV set (sorry Lewis Black but it's an image too good to pass up, so I'm using it too...) Then, I'm futzing around on, checking over some of my articles posted there - I have a mess of stuff posted on that site as it happens - and I discover that I've made over $10.00 in the last month or so just for letting some of those articles and poems sit there and ferment.

This is a bit puzzling or maybe intriguing, so I start poking around the site trying to figure out just how the pennies accumulate on certain things. Is it by popularity? I don't really think that can be it - after all - a couple of things that made a few cents were ranked very low by the Helium readership and some of the first place things made zilch. So, just because some people loved something I wrote, or hated it - for that matter - didn't make any difference when it came to the money. In fact, there were a couple of things that were in the bottom of the pile and they made a few pennies so there you go.

Anyhow, still not bored out of my gourd - who knows why - I kept poking around, going in and out of Help Forums and stuff and I discovered this very recent back and forth about Twitter. It seems that if you post your articles on Twitter - almost like an ad - with a link to them - chances are good that your readership will increase.

Normally this wouldn't appeal to me because linking is, quite frankly, for a technophobe like me, a pain in the ass - however, a guy in this forum explained it so easily, plus gave a site that shorten url links (the computer language that makes everything so difficult) for free - that I thought, what the hell - I'll give it a shot.

Long story a bit longer. I did and I did. I've posted a link to my article about whether Adopted Children can ever expect to be loved as much as natural born children and we'll see...

There's still lots to learn. I don't know the value of "tweeting" for instance, or getting a subject on a list, or starting a list...but I suppose I can pick these things up as I go along.

Now all I have to decide is what to post next. And, what new articles should I write for Helium. Maybe if they're going to pay something, I should keep writing...

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