Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Even when you're little and have little tiny teeth
You have to take care of them or they get holes
That's what we heard anyhow - from our Aunt
She used to work with a dentist and that is a special
Doctor - a really nice one - we know because we go
To see one and he has a big, big, chair that's very comfy
But he said the same thing - you must brush, brush, brush
Your teeth after every meal so that the food goes
Down your throat and doesn't hang around your teeth
And make holes - I don't get it exactly but I love my toothbrush
It jiggles in my mouth all by itself and it has Thomas the Train
On it and my little brother's has Dora the Explorer on his
And his jiggles too, but we still have to remember to do some
Brushing or the bristles don't reach all the teeth - it tickles
Your tongue though but that's okay - it's very fun

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