Friday, December 21, 2012

Introducing The Brighter Light

Beginning January 2013 - a team, "The Brothers Dragonosaurus", made up of a poet, S.E.Ingraham and two  worthy wee ones - J-JAR 3.5 the Elder and J-JAR 1.5 the Younger - will, in a joint effort create poems according to prompts provided by the facilitator/administrator/inventor or whomever it is that does the prompt generating at "The Brighter Light".

This team is made up of one poet grandma - age: somewhere between puberty and death, and two grandsons - ages (as might be surmised by their titles) 3 1/2 years and 1 1/2 years - unusually precocious - don't all grandmothers think this about their grandchildren? So, the poetic words should flow ...

All three live on the 53rd parallel - in the northern most Canadian provincial capital, Edmonton, Alberta. Their mother runs a very successful day-home out of their house so they have quite advanced socialization skills and are learning some things at what grandma considers a good clip.


  1. Sharon, great! I can't wait for the challenge to start.
    But Sharon. I'd like to use your back ground picture for a prompt. How can I get it?

  2. Sharon - The "girls" and I are so very excited for the challenge to start. I put up a blog for us at

    Creating blogs is NOT my strong suit and I think from this address that you will be taken to the first post of the blog rather than the blog itself - I have no idea how to correct this - if you have a clue pass it along to me - if not I'll work on this tomorrow evening.

    Looking forward to some good fun! Hello to the Dragons :)


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