Monday, December 31, 2012


J-JAR 3.5 the elder, that would be me!
J-JAR 1.5 the younger, that's me!

Team Dragonosaurus, that's who we are
And we're from Edmonton, Alberta
It's really not far

Well that's just a joke, it's close if you're here
But if you're anywhere else
You aren't very near

In the photos above, starting top left - a shot of Edmonton - isn't it beautiful and that's the mighty North Saskatchewan River winding throughout. Top right photo are more of our brethren - dinosaurs playing at Alberta's world-famous Tyrell Dinosaur Museum [more about that place later] - below that and still on the right are Edmonton's pyramids - yes! We have three - or is it four? Hmm - full-size pyramids in our river valley and they house exotic flowers year-round; it's the Muttart Gallery, a cool place to explore and also somewhere neat to hold an event, like a wedding. The last photo, the one on the bottom left is our third team member's back yard, and it was just taken a few days ago - snowy, snowy winter.


  1. Oh Sharon - What beautiful pictures and I love the name of your team!
    (I am so very not used to being so "girly" but I am honoring my team-mates wishes and am going to be 'sparkly' throughout January :)

    1. It goes without saying - but I'll say it anyway - your little 'dragons' are delicious!

  2. Another blog! Why does that not surprise me, Sharon? This one looks like it will be fun.

  3. Sharon, I already created all the 16 prompts and I linked to this blog in one of them. In fact I used all the links I got.
    Now, this is so amazing and your two Dragons, yes, they are wonderful.

  4. Ha, Sharon, this is amazing! I mean, I know nothing of the place and I still have to "research" the dinosaurus topic, as I have no idea of it. The piramids, too, are another wonderful thing. I really know only little of the US. Well, you know, foreigners ... LOL
    The idea to make a blog is great, because this is an entirely novel project and could be a very good advertisement thing for distant friends and acquiantances.
    Greetings, from the Yellow Ninja team, aka Mariya

  5. Oh, can't believe there is no edit! Sharon, I'm so sorry, I meant Canada, and not the US up there! Oh, jee, ain't it embarrassing, how it just slipped my mind and my fingers *blushing* You know, foreigners from across the ocean...

    Once again greeting from the Yellow Ninja team adult, aka Mariya


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