Tuesday, January 22, 2013


 Look at all of us in the Lazy Boy!


We think it's funny how some things in your house
especially things you sit on for instance -
can have many different names
In our house, we have a couch but my Grandma
calls hers, that's almost the same, a sofa
and my Great-grandma used to call hers a chesterfield
But they all look pretty much the same to us

But a really funny thing - both of us think
Has to be the recliners - you know those fat chairs
That you can make go back and back and almost lay in them?
Some of them even have a little handle on the side
to help you lay them back? Mostly we've heard them
called a recliner, or a lounger, but Grandma and Grandpa
call theirs a "lazy boy" which makes us giggle like crazy
'cause first of all - how can they tell if a chair is a boy anyhow?
And why do they think it is tired? Or lazy? Isn't that what lazy means...

We think so but we're not sure - we just think it's pretty funny
And maybe rude - still, we love it when we get to sit in their
Lazy boy - hah- lazy boy - isn't that just the funniest thing ever?

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