Saturday, January 5, 2013


*there is a hidden costumed person in this collage - can you guess who it is and what the significance of the photo might be? The team's scribe couldn't find one of herself or it would be up here also, but this one is very interesting even though the rest of the team doesn't quite "get it" yet ...
(We are perusing photos ...)

"What were you on Halloween that year then?"
"A bobot costume ..." J-JAL 3.5 is confident
"A robot?"
"Yes - a bobot costume - R-do-D-do - like Star Wars"
"Oh - I see - do you know the other robot from Star Wars?"

He is regarding me with something between disbelief
and suspicion - are we playing a game?
He knows that I know the answer to this question, don't I?
Maybe his old granny has forgotten..
He answers kindly, "3-See-Pee-Oh" matter-of-factly
"You member now?"

"Yes - yes I do ..." I answer gravely, and pointing at another photo
"What did your little brother dress up as?"
"You're silly!" He giggles, and pinches the flesh over my elbow, my signal that we are done with this
Then runs off to slay dragons, or dinosaurs, or save them in the cave of the dentist
This week's sanctuary - as in, "Come on Grandpa - we have to get safe at the dentist's"
An unlikely, but pleasing choice for asylum; he has been to the dentist and likes the big chair

I sit looking at a photo of J-JAL 1.5 the year he was J-JAL 0.6, and dressed as a hamburger
Wondering if this is the photo that will surface at his wedding to humiliate him
Realize that no, we intend to instill so much self-worth in these children
Mere costumes won't be their undoing - knock on wood, cross fingers, and all other manner of things
To make wishes truth.

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