Friday, January 4, 2013


 J-JAL3.5 the elder 

J-JAL 1.5 the younger (in his monkey

Where we live there is a great huge mall
Inside it there's a fire-breathing dragon - no, really - he doesn't work all the time but
when he does, he moves his body like a real dragon and smoke comes out his nose and everything
There's also a golf-course, they say it's a mini but it seems big to play so I don't know about that
There's a water-park with zillions of slides
And a bungee jump that's fun to watch but we all think we don't want to do that at least not right yet
There's also a seal and dolphin show and the dolphins always splash the crowd

There is a pirate ship which is actually a copy of one of Christopher Columbus's ships
which we don't really get 'cause apparently he wasn't a pirate
It doesn't matter, we went there and it's a pirate ship alright - see the picture?
That's our Grandma dressed up like a lady pirate which we just learned about - lady pirates -
so there you go

There's even a hotel at one end of the place
Where you can stay in a room from all different countries
Or even from out of this world; this one's from a place
Called Polly Sneeze Yah or something like that ...

And Galaxyland is a full-size amusement park like Disney World
Where we went last year to see Dora the Explorer and that was so cool
But even though she comes here to visit she isn't at this mall
But the mall has lots of rides even one scary roller-coaster that goes loopy-de-loop
Around the walkway where you stand
And a ride that's an elevator that drops
Like a mile really fast but we're too little for that
Thank goodness - and Grandma says she's too scared for that
Which is funny 'cause we thought Grandma was not scared of much
Not even monsters - we know 'cause she and Grandpa chased them all out of our house
Once when they stayed over (usually Mom and Dad do it)

Right in the middle of the mall - is an ice-rink ...yes, really a big size rink for hockey
and regular skating too
Can you imagine that?

It's a super place to live and that's just the mall!
There's tons more stuff but that enough for now!


  1. Well, that is very informative, thank you, brothers Dragonosaurus! We start liking the place very much! Silvie is impressed with the dragon in the mall and I - with the pirate ship, too.

    Your costumes are really nice. I wondered whether they would lure Silvie away from her "princess/ballerina" course, but nope... she is determined to dress up like a ballerina :-)

    Love, Silvie and Marie (Yellow Ninja Team)

  2. Thank you Marie - it is a very cool city and the boys are quite costume-crazy as you will see in the next prompt ... I don't blame Silvie for loving her "princess/ballerina" dreams - we had one who, when asked when she grew up if she wanted to be Prime Minister, sniffed indignantly and said, "No - I want to be Queen!" She's an adult now and a financial advisor, a good one I believe, but I don't think she ever really out-grew that dream completely (she's a Katy and I think she's quite tickled that Britain may someday have a Queen Kate...) Hope you get to come here but must warn you, the photo in the background here is blogger's and I have no idea from where it comes - not here tho' - maybe Ireland or the Netherlands? We have the Rocky Mountains and the Prairies and of course our wonderful river valley but nothing quite like this except maybe in Newfoundland way out east ...


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