Saturday, January 12, 2013


Off and on for years I've held onto stones
For various reasons - to mark special occasions
Or places - I've kept a stone from that, or there
Or a "worry stone" - something to rub smooth
If vexed or anxious ... and now I have one
That was my mother's that says "Peace" on it
That I know I will carry always probably
Just because

The little boys know more about rocks than stones
Developing in a neighbourhood that's evolving
As they do, they've seen how trucks move
Heavy rocks to make way for houses, roads, parks
Are nonchalant about the ease of these big machines

We have been away most of their young summers
So I'm not sure if they know about skipping stones yet
But look forward to learning, and hope to show
Them this "beach" on the river of the city
Where they were born and live - especially
If the camouflaged little amphibians are there
As the one in this picture is - can you spot him?

He and his brethren spell scientific good health for the river
I can't wait to see them, and the river, and show the boys more
Of what a great place this is ...

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