Friday, January 11, 2013


Aunt Katy opening her spider catcher while J-JAL 1.5 looks on

Daddy long legs - that's so funny
What do they call the lady long legs - mommy?
We remember the bug room at the museum
How Auntie Katy pretended she liked them
But really she's scared of them - bugs that is
But mostly spiders - she even had one on her door
Called Russell - why do you think he had a name?
Our Aunt got a spider-catcher for Christmas
With a plastic spider for practice but even that
Makes her shiver so we don't think she'll
Be using it much --

Funniest thing though, she taught us the spider song
You know the one ..."Itsy Bitsy spider climbed up
The water spout ..." That one? And, she reads
Us "Charlotte's Web" and Charlotte is a pretty spider
And seems very nice - so maybe Auntie Katy will
One day get over being scared of them
But Grandma and Uncle Scott say, they don't think so...

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