Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Trains and boats and trucks and buses and vans
And airplanes and all the different ways of going places
Make this team very happy
J-JAL 3.5 loves fire-trucks and police cars too -
especially their loud sirens which he can imitate perfectly
And J-JAL 1.5 is big on both city and school buses,
and waves like crazy whenever one goes by
And the Granny-wizard-scribe loves fast cars
and horse-back-riding and motorcycles too
(at least she used to - she's not too sure about those last two any more ...)

Just this week, the boys both got skates - for ice!
Grandpa bought those and helmets too
And that reminded them of tobogganing and sleigh-rides
In this wintry place, it's good to like snow sports
And before they know it, they will probably be skiing
Both downhill and cross-country - especially in the river valley
Where the trails go for miles and miles 

But right now? One of their favourite forms of transportation is:
"Bug-in-a-Rug Day-Home's" Mammoth stroller -
Powered by their Mom who owns it, and the day-home
It's the biggest one in the city, the province - maybe even in Canada
So famous,they got their picture on the front page of the newspaper ...
How cool is that!

(photo courtesy: Edmonton Journal)

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